Degree Certificate Translation

NAATI Degree Certificate Translation Services

Get fast and certified degree certificate translations from professional, NAATI accredited translators. We translate Australian and foreign degree certificates for over 60 languages. Bachelors or Masters degree certificate translations are commonly used for visa applications and citizenship applications.

FAQs about degree certificate translations

How long does the degree certificate translation take?

1-2 days.

Is the translation NAATI-certified?

Yes, we are the leading provider for NAATI certified translation services!

How to get your degree certificate translated

Upload your degree certificate using the form on the right and send to us for a quote. (Taking a clear picture using a scanner-application on your phone is sufficient.) Our turn-around time can be as fast as within a day if payment is made early. Once the translation is done, you will receive it by electronic copy and by mail. Get your degree certificate and other personal documents translated from the comfort of your office or home. We only need a copy of the original document sent to us by email for translation.

Our translation services

We specialise in the translation of all personal documents, including degree certificates. Our expertise in migration translation services and legal translation services ensures your documents are accepted for official purposes.