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Italian translator for document translationGet NAATI certified Italian to English translation or English to Italian translations from a trusted language translation company – Sydney Translation. With an experienced team of professional NAATI accredited Italian translators, we are able to provide you with quality and fast Italian translations.

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Prepare all your documents and send to us via email Once we receive your documents, we will get back to you with a free quote, estimated delivery time and secure payment link to get started. Be sure to use our NAATI certified Italian translators to translate your documents in Australia. NAATI certified translations is important for migration, legal documents, bank statements, insurance claims and for many other official purposes in Sydney.

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If you need urgent Italian translations, just let us know during the quoting process and we will let you know if it’s possible. For one page certificates, you can receive the NAATI certified electronic copy as fast as within 24 hours!

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About the Italian Language

According to the Bologna statistics of the European Union, Italian is spoken as a native language by 65 million people in the EU (13% of the EU population), mainly in Italy, and as a second language by 14 million (3%). Including the Italian speakers in non-EU European countries (such as Switzerland and Albania) and on other continents, the total number of speakers is around 85 million. Italian has been reported as the fourth or fifth most frequently taught foreign language in the world.

The standard Italian language has a poetic and literary origin in the writings of Tuscan writers of the twelfth century, and, even though the grammar and core lexicon are basically unchanged from those used in Florence in the 13th century, the modern standard of the language was largely shaped by relatively recent events. What would come to be thought of as Italian was first formalized in the early fourteenth century through the works of Tuscan writer Dante Alighieri, written in his native Florentine. Dante’s epic poems, known collectively as the Commedia, to which another Tuscan poet Giovanni Boccaccio later affixed the title Divina, were read throughout Italy and his written dialect became the “canonical standard” that all educated Italians could understand. Dante is still credited with standardizing the Italian language, and thus the dialect of Florence became the basis for what would become the official language of Italy.

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