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We provide professional Hungarian to English translations and English to Hungarian translation services. Get your personal documents translated in Australia by NAATI certified Hungarian translators. Our full-time, professional Hungarian translators are specialised in translating documents for personal, government or business purposes in Australia. Only NAATI certified translations is accepted in Australia for migration applications.

How Fast?

Our Hungarian translations for certificates usually take 2-3 working days. Electronic copy is sent prior to posting the NAATI-translator stamped hard copy. If you need an urgent Hungarian translation, simply mention in your email request. Be sure to include all the documents in your request for a free quote.

Hungarian Translator from NAATI

Hungarian Translation Company Sydney

Our Hungarian translators are based in Sydney and all other major cities in Australia. No matter where you are located, we can get your Hungarian certified translations to you quickly via email and post from Hungarian NAATI accredited translators. As a trusted language translation company, we deliver on our promises and ensure you get quality translations accepted by different Australian authorities.

About the Language

Hungarian horse rider

Hungarian horse rider

Hungarian is the official language of Hungary and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. Outside Hungary it is also spoken by communities of Hungarian people in neighboring countries—especially in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine—and by Hungarian diaspora communities worldwide. Like Finnish and Estonian, it belongs to the Uralic language family, with its closest relatives being Mansi and Khanty. It is one of the few languages of Europe that are not part of the Indo-European family.

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