Fast Translation Services

How Fast?

Get a quick quote within the day for fast 24-48hr turnaround translations 7 days a week.

The process

Scan your documents and send to us for quote and payment link. Once the assignment is paid for using credit card online, we’ll receive a notification to begin the translation right away. For customers who do not have scanners, we can provide a fax option. Sometimes taking a clear picture of your document using your phone is sufficient.

What will I Get?

We’ll send you the electronic copy of the translation first for preview, before we post the hardcopy to your preferred mailing address. All document translations for visa applications are certified by NAATI accredited translators.

What does certified document translation mean?

Certified translations will contain the stamp and signature of a NAATI accredited translator. If the certified translation is for overseas, we can provide an official cover letter for your translations, company letter-head with each document, and certification from a company representative.

Our translators

Our full-time translators ensures your personal documents get translated fast.

Some commonly requested personal document translations that are required on an urgent basis include birth certificates, drivers license translations for vehicle rental, marriage certificate translations for visa applications, police clearance reports for migration or job applications, death certificates and wills translation, degrees and academic transcript translations.

Our NAATI translators are highly experienced in delivering on time quality translations suitable for various submissions.

Urgent Document Translation Services

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