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Get certified Estonian translations by NAATI accredited Estonian translators. Our NAATI certified translations are delivered daily for visa applications, job and university applications and travel in Australia. We have a 100% acceptance rate and guarantee that our NAATI certified translations for Estonian is accepted for immigration in Australia.

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  • Estonian translator for court documents
  • Estonian translator for insolvency reports
  • Estonian translator for company reports
  • Estonian translator equity reports
  • Estonian translator for migration
  • Estonian translator for company statements and financial reports
  • Estonian translation for insurance claims
  • Estonian translator for brochures
  • Estonian translator for news articles

About the Language

VikingsEstonian is an Finnic language closely related to Finnish spoken by about 1.1 million people in Estonia. The main difference between Estonian and Finnish is that Finnish has a lot of loan words from Swedish, while Estonian contains many words of German origin, plus some words from Russian, Latin, Greek and English.

Like Finnish and Hungarian, Estonian is a somewhat agglutinative language, but unlike them, it has lost vowel harmony, the front vowels occurring exclusively on the first or stressed syllable, although in older texts the vowel harmony can still be recognized. Furthermore, the apocope of word-final sounds is extensive and has contributed to a shift from a purely agglutinative to a fusional language. The basic word order is subject–verb–object.