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CopenhagenOur Danish translators make it fast and easy for you to get your NAATI certified translations. At Sydney Translation, we provide quality language translation services by professional translators only.

Certified Danish Translation Services

Our certified Danish to English translation services or English to Danish translation services are accepted in Australia and overseas.

Only NAATI certified translations are accepted in Australia for immigration and other legal purposes. We only use professional and experienced NAATI Danish translators who have helped countless individuals plan for study, work and travel in Australia.

NAATI Danish Translations

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  • Low price, no hidden fees
  • Highly qualified and experienced NAATI accredited translators across all major languages
  • We translate NAATI certified document translation daily for migration purposes – 100% Acceptance Guarantee
  • We ensure that all our projects are treated in strict confidence
  • Equal care to both small or large (multi-language) assignments
  • We can provide fast NAATI translation services
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About the Danish Language

Danish is a Germanic language of the North Germanic branch. Along with Swedish, Danish descends from the Eastern dialects of the Old Norse language; Danish and Swedish are also classified as East Scandinavian or East Nordic languages. Like Norwegian and Swedish, Danish was significantly influenced by Low German in the Middle Ages, and has been influenced by English since the turn of the 20th century. Standard Danish (rigsdansk) is the language based on dialects spoken in and around the capital, Copenhagen. Unlike Swedish and Norwegian, Danish does not have more than one regional speech norm. More than 25% of all Danish speakers live in the metropolitan area of the capital, and most government agencies, institutions, and major businesses keep their main offices in Copenhagen, something that has resulted in a very homogeneous national speech norm.