Certified Document Translation

What is a certified document?

A certified copy is a copy of an original document that has been verified as being a true copy after the original document has been sighted by an authorised person.

Authorised persons include:

  • a Justice of the Peace
  • a police officer
  • a barrister, solicitor or patent attorney
  • a principal of an Australian Secondary College, High School or Primary School
  • a postal manager
  • a pharmacist
  • a medical practitioner
  • a bank manager
  • an accountant

What is a certified translation?

In Australia, certified translation means the translation bears the NAATI accredited stamp of the translator and his signature.

In the U.S., a certified translation consists of the translation itself accompanied by a signed statement by the translator or translation company affirming that the translated text is an accurate and complete rendering of the original document. Sometimes the signed statement is called a “Certificate of Accuracy.” This is used for visa applications to USICS.

How to get NAATI certified translation?

Simply scan and email us your documents for a quote.

Once you agree to the quote, you can pay online and for smaller documents, get your NAATI certified translations in 2-3 days.